Flushing Cow Parade, 2009

Queens Crossing, Flushing, NY I Press Release

The Flushing Cow Parade, a public art initiative organized by Crossing Art and was launched in January 2009 in conjunction with the Chinese Lunar Year of the Cow. The parade was presented at a number of public cultural events which were achieved by the support of community leaders, local businesses and cultural organizations. These events included Open Art Studios at Flushing Mall, Cows Carnival Celebration, the 09 Oh Cow! Art Exhibition at Crossing Art and the Baby Cow Competition. Fueled by these events, the Flushing Cow Parade drew an impressive number of crowds to the area, including residents, tourists and neighbors.

The parade highlighted cultural diversity and development - characteristics which Flushing continues to welcome and embrace. The art displayed on the cow ranged from interpretations of ancient Chinese philosophy to the depiction of our beloved Mets baseball team. The Flushing Cow Parade was an example of how a community can continue to use art and commerce to bridge the gaps between varying cultural perspectives.