Susan Evans Grove: Material Reflections

February 16 - March 8, 2012 

In the series “Used Cars” Susan Evans Grove’s allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the strange and unexpectedly  beautiful  surface  of  the  previously  so  familiar  automobile.    The  result  on  the  aesthetic  level  of  these straight on, reflective photographs  is a creation of an abstract, surrealist environment  that pulls the eye in and around its warping lines and colors.  The result on the intellectual level is one of inviting us to reexamine our relationship with this iconic element of our consumer culture, which in her compositions is often reflecting how the natural environment contributes in their demise.  Each image, furthermore, is archivally printed on a metal plate to reinforce this connection.  The artist has named each work simply after the type of car that was photographed,  calling to mind the status attached to the automobiles we drive, which effectively brings us back from a purely aesthetic appreciation to recognition of the specific subject and the importance of its choice to the artist.



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