Seeing Red 

February 11 - March 24, 2010 

Crossing Art is pleased to announce the opening of Seeing Red, a group exhibition that examines the application of the color red in contemporary art by exploring its various meanings historically in different cultures as well as the scientific and physical responses it universally manifests. By opening Seeing Red on February 13, the exhibition coincidentally draws attention to the prominence of red in two western and eastern holidays, St. Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, while offering a unique look at a group of artists who have carefully explored the color in expansive and ingenious ways. Seeing Red showcases artists working in different mediums with a vast range of influences and includes work by Andrea Belag, Felix Beyreuther, Heungman, Eric Jiaju Lee, Nereo, John Moore, Hyungsub Shin, Levent Tuncer, and Richard Tsao.


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